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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Woman Gives Birth To Stone Baby

Woman gives birth to stone baby

Known scientifically as Lithopedion the foetus is calcified in the womb. The baby is basically encased in this substance so that the immune system can sustain itself and prevents the the body from causing a severe reaction which may harm the baby.

This case is extremely rare nowadays but does still happen, in Zahra Aboutalibs case, it was  simply unfortunate. In Morocco, 1955, (26) year old Zahra was rushed to the emergency room to deliver her child, after 48 hours of agony and excruciating labour, the doctors failed to deliver the baby without having to resort to cutting into the mother. Zahra was offered a Caesarean to save her baby, the mere thought of dying during child birth scared her to the point that she fled the vicinity of the hospital, still with child. After a few days her labour pains stopped. 

The belief of "sleeping babies" in Moroccan myth was strongly believed in those days. Zahra, therefore believed that her baby was protected by " black" and "white" magic,  this enforced the belief that the child would remain unharmed and could live in the mothers womb, meaning the baby would be born under Normal terms alive and well.

Around 47 years later, Zahra Aboutalibs, gave birth to what scientists are calling a 'stone baby'. Due to the hard shell which has formed around the foetus it bears a strong resemblance to a mummified baby.Our Facebook Page

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